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Arachnid Clear Epoxy Resin is a fast curing epoxy resin specially designed for use in industrial applications requiring a strong, durable coating where low colour and high UV resistance is required. Arachnid Clear Epoxy has excellent water resistance, chemical resistance, mechanical properties and excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates.


Fast cure Low viscosity, easy to apply Low tendency to yellow on exposure to UV Excellent mechanical properties Excellent chemical an water resistance


Mix Ratio

5243: 5243 By Weight 100 :50


Mixing and Application Thoroughly mix the resin and the hardener according to the indicated mixing ratio, avoiding air entrapment and make certain that the material at the bottom and sides of the container is well stirred into the centre. Vacuuming the mixed material will help produce a void free cured material. The two components should be mixed and applied within the pot life.

Special Features


Pot Life (200g, 25°C) minutes 25-30
Cure Time (25°C) Hours 24
Application No
Industry No
Size No
Viscosity (25°C) mPa.s 600-900
HDT °C 60-65
Shore Hardness 80-85D

Arachnid Clear Epoxy Resin

Kit Size
  • Wear a respirator and use in a well ventilated envoirment. Please ensure you have the correct PPE equipment such as gloves on.

    Harmful if ingested