Ben Nye - Nose & Scar Wax Fair

Nose and Scar Wax is a fantastic tool for creating a variety of special effects. Pliable, yet firm, it can be applied to create and alter features, such as a broken nose, extended chin or nose, or create bullet holes and wounds. Wax is translucent to resemble skin. 

Apply Spirit Gum beneath wax for better adhesion. Texture with Stipple Sponge and seal with Liquid Latex. 

Expect 4-25 applications per ounce.

Ben Nye - Nose & Scar Wax Fair

  • Remove Bone Wax from container with a utensil like our Wooden Modeling Tool (MT-1) or Metal Spatula (SP-1). Pre-shape with fingers into desired form. 

    Apply a tacky layer of Spirit Gum to clean, dry skin. Press firmly into adhesive and blend edges for realistic contours. You can neutralize stickiness with a small layer of Quick Cleanse or baby oil on fingers.
    Seal edges with Liquid Latex, dry, and apply setting powder. Apply Castor Sealer for translucent finish and suitable base for coloring. 

    Nose & Scar Wax can be textured with a Stipple Sponge. 

    Remove with modeling tool.
    Clean skin with Spirit Gum Remover, Quick Cleanse, or soap & water.

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