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Box of 100 powder free nitrile gloves, blue in color.

Disposable gloves provide a product and also a hand protection in environments with specific regulatory requirements. Disposable gloves have characteristics suited for applications including hospitals, pharmaceutical labs, examination rooms, cleanrooms, electronics, police departments, food processing and service markets. Their‘second skin’ effect allows users to maintain extreme dexterity for short-term tasks. Hand and product protection disposable gloves are usually used within the food preparation and handling, cleaning, beauty, electronics, laboratory, medical, and veterinary professions. 


** Latex and Powder free gloves: Latex allergy results from proteins contained in natural rubber latex, that are exposed via skin contact or inhalation. Inhalation can occur when donning powder, containing proteins that have leached to the cornstarch, become airborne when changing powdered gloves. Corn starch donning powder also contributes to the development of the various allergies. Due to the heightened awareness of latex and donning powder allergy issues, an assortment of non-latex gloves with hypoallergenic properties exist as suitable alternatives.

Blue Powder Free Nitrile Gloves