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RTV 28 is a condensation cure, tin silicone moulding rubber with a 27A shore hardness with a full cure time of between 6 - 12 hours depending on catalyst.

Pot life is 109 mins and base : catalyst mixing ratio is 20 : 1 (or 100g of base to 5g catalyst) by weight.

Red Catalyst = Fast

Green Catalyst = Slow

Ideal uses include : brush up molds, block molds, matrix molds etc


RTV 28 can be used with our accompanying Thixothropic agent to create thicker molds or simply for projects which require a more vertical brush layer.


RTV 28 is a beige colour but when mixed with the included catalyst of Green (Fast setting) or Red (Slow setting) results in a similar colour mold.

RTV 28 Silicone Rubber (Tin Based)

Kit Size (inc Catalyst)
  • Mixing Ratio Base Catalyst
    100 : 5 100 parts 5 parts
    Working example 100g silicone 5g catalyst