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''With Handheld Rapid Scan Mode, the EinScan Pro 2X Plus is capable of processing up to 1,500,000 points per second (30 fps). While Handheld HD Scan Mode is a bit slower with processing, it does offer an impeccable scanning accuracy of up to 0.05 mm''

Are you looking to do any of the following

- Scan and create a digital copy of everything from a can to car?

- Preserve, archive or reproduce for display fragile museum pieces?

- Need a lifecast or bodycast to sculpt on but your actor does not like traditional lifecasting?

- Create prototype parts to fit a current item to the millimeter? 

- Enlarge and reproduce a sculpture without having to resculpt?

- Turn your creations into digital assets?

- Create custom 3D printed pieces to fit your scanned item?

Arachnid FX not only has one of the most advanced 3D scanners in the country but due to its mobile nature, we can come to you!

Get in contact with us at for more information

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