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What is cosplay?

That is a hard one to answer! But what we can tell you is that costumes for cosplay, comic cons or just Halloween can be made with everything from Cardboard to carbon fibre by dedicated individuals and teams who work with limited budgets to create durable props, cosplays and displays.

Previously getting any cosplay material in Ireland was tough, not anymore! We are delighted to be the Official Irish Stockists of Worbla and PolyProps range of EVA foam and FoamClay to help you get started!


Worbla armor by Kureiji


Demon Hunter by Lightning Cosplay

Don't forget you can also check out our range of SFX products if you wish to venture into molding and casting your creations! Yes, with our RTV silicones (or Platsil FS20 if you are in a rush! You can make your piece in any of the materials below and then mold and reproduce in any material you like!