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RTV Silicone :
Casting Silicone :
Urethane Resin :
Polyester Resin :
Epoxy Resin :
Urethane Foam :
Urethane Rubber :
W.E.D Clay :
Chavant/Monster Clay :

Ideal for molding sculpts/items which will be cast in a hard material such as resin, urethane rubber, urethane foam. Picks up minute detail and allows for multiple casts.

Ideal for facial prosthetics, full face masks/sleeves, creatures, body parts etc. Using a layered paint method allows for outstanding realism and the ability to hair punch individual hairs. Silicone is best cast from a polyester/epoxy or resin mold.

Ideal for lightweight and durable rapid prototypes props, helmets, weapons, armour, filigree detail etc. Quick curing time (same day demold) Can be tinted with pigments and infused with metal powers. 

Ideal for mother molds over RTV silicone, lightweight molds for silicone casts and large hollow props such as rifles, helmets, set decoration where weight and strength are a concern

Ideal for casting various