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Services / Commissions / Production

From lifecasting and creature sculpts to 3d printing and mold making.

For inquiries please email or

Mold Making / Casting : Do you have a project or sculpt that you either do not have time to mold or can not mold? If so let us know and we can price it up for you.

We have molded everything from small gems and guns to 6ft monsters and heads to be cast in silicone. We can do block molds or multi part molds.

We make all our molds using fibreglass and the highest quality silicones.


Lifecasting : Do you simply want your own armature to sculpt for fun, a base to sculpt prosthetics/wounds for your film or do you need a highly detailed reproduction of an actors face for your production?

We can do all of the above and to ensure the best finish we only use lifecasting silicone.

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