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Arachnid Crystal Cast is a mercury-free, two component thermoset system which is water clear when cured. Crystal Cast 1000 is ideal for rapid prototyping, embedding or any type of clear casting application.


Mix Ratio

100 A : 120 B


Mixing instructions

Mix the two components atthe correct ratio, mixing carefully to avoid air inclusionand making sure that the material at the sides and at the bottom of themix vessel is well stirred in to the middle.The material maybecomecloudy in appearance for a few minutes, continue mixing until the liquid becomes clear. Degas for approximately 5 minutes before pouring. Pour the material into the mouldin one place toreduce air bubbles.Degas again if necessary, avoid boiling the material at very high vacuum.


The cure rate of Crystal Cast is affected by temperature, the product must be cast at temperatures greater than 20°C. Exact cure time will depend on the size and geometry of the casting and should be determined by customer testing. Thinner castings will take longer to cure than thicker castings, but generally, the product can be demoulded after 24 hours at 25°C.Incomplete cure can result in slight distortions or deformations of the components if forces are applied.

Arachnid Crystal Cast ( Clear Urethane Resin )

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