Platsil Gel-0030 (Mask Making / Prosthetic Silicone)

Our new PlatSil Gel-0030 is a casting silicone that is formulated to be soft (S) and low viscosity. This silicone was formulated primarily for casting applications such as medical simulators, dolls, masks, and prosthetics.


PlatSil Gel-0030 has a 45 minute working time and a 4 hour demold time. Like our other translucent SPFX silicones, Gel-0030 may be pigmented to simulate organic tissue using our silicone pigments


Properties unique to PlatSil Gel-0030

  • Easy to pour. Gel-0030 is VERY low viscosity to allow for long pour time when casting into complicated molds.
  • May be thickened. Gel-0030 is very low viscosity but can still be thickened with TinThix thickener for brush-on applications such as patching and seaming on masks or cast parts.
  • Relatively fast demold. Despite its long working time, Gel-0030 may be demolded in 4 hours allowing for fast turn-around time in production.
  • High tear strength. Most mask applications will not require any reinforcement fabric

Platsil Gel-0030 (Mask Making / Prosthetic Silicone)

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