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ISO Polyester Gelcoat is used as a beauty layer to pick up details on sculptures when molding to be backed up with Fibreglass/laminating resin and when casting as an initial layer to capture all the fine detail from the mold to reproduce a fibreglass copy with reinforced laminating resin.


Pre-accelerated, isophthalic polyester brushing gelcoat (Medium Viscosity) Available in a wide range of colours.
Product use IB17624A is a filled moulding gelcoat for hand lay-up,suitable for general GRP building work.
Characteristics For brush application, free from air and can be used clear or pigmented with Colorplas high
quality pigment pastes. The product exhibits good ease of application and fast curing


Uses include, casting, mould making (both as mother molds as part of silicone molds or direct fibreglass molding with addition of gelcoat for fine detail capture). .Catalyst is included with your order but you may order additional if you require it.


Catalyst is added at  2% weight of resin depending on your requirement

Pot Life in Minutes at 20°C with 2% catalyst is approx. 15mins 


** Please use in a well ventilated area with the proper respirator and gloves **

Polyester Gelcoat Resin (Clear/Unpigmented)

Kit Size (inc Catalyst)