Soft Foam - SF4 (Polyurethane)

Soft Foam 4 is an easy to mix 2:1 (by weight) soft to medium, low density, self-skinning flexible polyurethane foam. The system is designed to be a medium to high rise, lightweight foam with a cream time of 60 seconds.


Key Characteristics

– 2:1 easy to mix ratio (by weight)
– Soft and compliant foam with a low density (typically 150-180 kg/M3, 8-10 lb/ft3)
– Lightweight
– CFC-free (water blown) and non-flammable
– Can be pigmented
– Can be cut and shaped with appropriate tools


Soft Foam 4, also known as SF4 has been primarily formulated for use within moulding and casting applications, which require a moderate skin.

The processing characteristics of SF4 allow for mixing by hand, drill or machine. However best results are obtained with a machine.

The versatile nature of the material allows it to be used in a range of applications including:

Film, Television and Stage props (for special effects)
Mould Backing
Industrial Cushioning, Padding, Sound and Vibration Dampening
Scenery Design


How much foam do I need? SF4 typically rises by a factor of 6-8 times its original volume, depending on the circumstances of use. It is strongly advised to calculate the foam prior to casting, otherwise overspill can occur, generating health and safety risks, requiring clean-up and wasting material.

Soft Foam - SF4 (Polyurethane)


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